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            Appointment Reminder Settings


            Contact automation includes Appointment Reminder emails. This article explains how to customize and start automated daily sending of Appointment Reminders.



            Step 1: Start ServiceIntelligence 

            Click on the SI icon. This could be located on your taskbar, programs menu, or a shortcut on your desktop.

            Step 2: Click the "Other Customer Contacts" Button

            Step 3: In the drop menu located on the top left, select "Appointment"

            Step 4: Set the days in advance to send the reminder.

            Note that SI sends two Appointment Reminders per calendared appointments;

            1) First reminder contact is sent five (5) days before the service date.
            1) Second reminder contact is sent one (1) day before the service date.

            The process is automatic. If we SI finds an appointment in your shop management calendar with a future date, the vehicle owner will get both reminders 5 and 1 day before the appointment date. 

            Step 5: Click on the "Filter" button (optional). 

             While not necessary, some shops like to set some customer filters on who they will send the email to.



            Step 6: Click On the "Offer" tab

            • Click in the Line 1 & 2 fields to customize the headings of the email. 
            • Include an expiry date if needed.
            • Check "Show Appt Time" is checked by default. Some management systems do not have a time stamp or the shop may not want to have a specific time on the reminders. Uncheck for no time displayed on the reminder. To view your change, click on a customer on the left window frame. The refreshed sample email may be viewed on the right side window pane.

            Step 7: Click On The Delivery Tab

            Start Automation by clicking  "Start Auto" or by clicking on the Automation Icon. Confirm you are ready to start the automation by clicking YES. SI allows you to start the automation as of tomorrow or optionally, SI allows the selection of any date in the past. 


            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 03:07 AM
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