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            How to Add, Remove, or Change a Shop Logo


            A shop logo allows you to include your own brand with the ServiceIntelligence reports, emails, and postcards. In order to add a Logo you need to have the image file located on the machine or on a shared network drive that SI has access to.



            Inside of SI, click Edit from the uppermost menu bar and select Shop Logo

            From the Shop Information edit screen, select the elipsis icon next to the company logo enrty box.

            In the dialogue entry box, deselect the Leave Blank checkbox to enable the logo entry.

            Select the Browse button to open a prompt to navigate to the image file from your desktop.

            Navigate to the desired logo image, select it, and hit open/ok

            In the Image Selection dialogue box, verify that your image is visible in the preview window.

            Click OK to commit the change.


            While SI uses autoscaling to make any image fit on the report and emails, for best results the logo file should be 600 pixels wide by 233 pixels high and have a resolution of 300 dpi. This additionally prevents image warping when loading improperly sized images into SI. All workstations will use the same image, and only one image can be used in the logo field at a time.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 02:09 AM
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