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            How to Apply, Modify, and Save Filters for Point of Sale Search Results

            This article explains how to apply, modify, and save filters for the point of sale search results.


            Left click Vehicles from column 1.

            Next to the shop name at the top, to the upper right of the search bar in column 2, there is a drop-down menu entitled Switch Filter. The words in the brackets indicate which filter was applied previously. In this case, it shows No Filter.

            Left clicking Switch Filter opens the menu. The menu contains previously added filters as well as options to add a new filter or manage current filters. In this example, the only available option is All Vehicles

            To create a new filter, click Add New Filter from the drop-down menu.

            This will open a dialogue box entitled Add Customer Filter. The box contains options to narrow down the search results according to certain parameters:

            Customer Type lets you filter search results by the number of visits to the shop the customer has made, the number of vehicles in that customer's fleet, and the months elapsed since the customer last visited the shop.
            Zip Code Selection lets you either include certain zip codes or exclude certain zip codes.
            Vehicle Filter lets you filter by estimated odometer reading and months elapsed since last service. The estimated odometer reading will give you vehicles with odometers within the range specified, and months elapsed since last service will give you customers who have been to the shop a certain number of months within the range specified.
            Vehicle Makes lets you include certain makes in the search results, or exclude certain makes in the search results.
            Vehicle Models lets you include certain models in the search results, or exclude certain models in the search results.
            Vehicle Years  lets you include vehicles manufactured in any year in the range specified.

            When you have named your filter in Filter Name and specified the search criteria, click Add to create the filter.

            To view the filters you have made so far, click Manage Filters.

            This will open on the main page all the filters that have been built for the point of sale search.


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            Updated: 14 Mar 2019 07:13 AM
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