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            How to Change Service Intervals


            The driving force behind the power of SI lies in it's unique ability to track individual services. When ServiceIntelligence is installed for the first time, all of the categores that SI can track come with the default intervals pre-assigned to each category. These intervals consist of atleast one of; Milleage or Time (in Months). Modifying these categories can be done at any time, and from any machine running ServiceIntelligence.



            Inside of SI, click the 'POS Service Tracking' bar, fourth from the bottom left.

            In the top menu bar, click the 'Intervals' Settings icon and enter the desired mileage.


            Select the Service category first, then select the Service Distance Interval entry box, change the value to the desired interval.


            These are global changes for one category, but applied to all vehicles that have the service performed.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 02:34 AM
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