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            How to Enable and Modify Work in Progress Syncing

            This article explains how to enable and modify work in progress (WIP) syncing in Service Intelligence.


            Left click Location Settings.

            A menu in gray will open. Click Work In Progress from that menu. This will open Work in Progress Settings on the main page.

            Work In Progress Settings shows you how Service Intelligence is determining who is considered as work in progress and what to do with work in progress.

            Automatically Send Emails is an option that lets Service Intelligence send an email to a customer if it has determined that the customer has a job that has been started. It is enabled if it has been marked Yes
            Automatically Text Message is an option that lets Service Intelligence send a text to a customer if it has determined that the customer has a job that has been started. It is also enabled by marking Yes.

            Default Report to Email determines which report type gets sent to the customer if Automatically Send Emails is enabled.
            Default Message to Text determines what report type is texted if Automatically Text Message is enabled.
            Days Forward gives you options for Days Forward and Days Behind. This gives Service Intelligence a range of dates by which to determine what to count as work in progress, with Days Forward indicating the furthest in the future and Days Behind indicating the furthest in the past.

            WIP Statuses has a list of statuses originating from your shop's management system. If the status is checked, Service Intelligence will read a vehicle with this status as work in progress. To stop Service Intelligence from counting a status as work in progress, uncheck it from the list.


            Left click Edit from the header. From the drop-down menu, click WIP Settings.

            A dialogue box will open. At the top is Automatic Response Settings. If Service Intelligence flags a job as work in progress, the customer can receive reports in three ways, which includes:
            Automatically Send Emails. This will send the report type specified in Default Email Report to the customer via email.
            Automatically Print Report. This will print the report type specified in Default Printed Report at the front counter.
            Automatically Send Text Message. This will text the template specified in Default SMS Template using the customer's cell phone number.
            If the box next to the type of automatic response is checked, messages will be sent with that method. To disable it simply uncheck the box. The default options all have drop-down menus. You can choose different report types or different templates from those drop-down menus.

            Next is is Timer Settings.

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            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 02:00 AM
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