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            How to Modify CRM & Targeted Marketing Campaign Images

            This article explains how to modify the images in CRM and targeted marketing modules.


            Left click CRM & Marketing.

            Click the pencil icon of the campaign you want to modify images for.

            In the Edit Campaign tab you will see different settings you can edit.

            The settings that let you change images are Main Image, Main Branding Image, Coupon Image, and Coupon Branding Image. The number bubbles show which button corresponds to which image. Main Image lets you edit the first image, Main Branding Image lets you edit the second image, Coupon Image lets you edit the third image, and Coupon Branding Image lets you edit the fourth image. For each of these, click Browse to pick a new image.


            Left click the Targeted Marketing Promotions tab.

            Select the campaign you want to edit from the Select Targeted Service drop-down menu.

            At the top you will see two icons, one called Graphic and the other called Branding. They will both open the same window, but with a key difference: in Branding the Change Branding checkbox will be checked, while in Graphic it will not. Graphic will allow you to change the main image and Branding will allow you to change the branding put on top of it.

            Under Image To Modify you have the options Main, Coupon, and Company Logo. It always automatically has Main checked. When you want to edit the image and branding of the coupon, you must click Coupon so that you are actually editing the coupon's image and branding. Note: make sure Leave Blank is unchecked.

            Click Browse to choose what you want the main image to be. 

            Once you have made your selection, click OK to apply the change.

            Now you can edit the branding of the main image/coupon. When you click the Branding icon it will open the dialogue box again, and if you look carefully you will see the Leave Blank checkbox is checked. This will ensure that these images do not have branding on them. Since you want to add branding, uncheck that box.

            Now you can click the Browse button and select which branding image you want to put on top of the main image/coupon. Once you did this, click OK to apply.

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            Updated: 12 Mar 2019 01:56 AM
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