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            How to Print and Email SI POS Summary, Detailed and Progress Reports


            The core strategy in building your business has to be to give the customer a superiour service experience at the point of sale. SI POS reporting is for the benefit of the vehicle owner.

            SI POS contributes to the service team too, but that is not the primary objective. First we want to give the customer all the facts from a nuetral computer system. The effect is priceless.

            The Service Writer is no longer the messager (with bad news). Now we can consult on what the owner wants to do with the car or truck and let them decide. Explain that these reports are part of your fleet service management service, free to all your customers. It is proven to:

            • Lower cost of vehicle operations - tires last longer, better fuel mileage with inflation, air filter, etc.
            • Increase safety and dependability for driver and occupants that depend on it.
            • Reduce repair expense - preventive maintenance reduces collateral costs by 100%.
            • Delay the need to sell the vehicles and also maintain a higher resale value with awsome service track records.

            Service writer should regularly give customers the SI report with each service visit. SI Comes with 3 types of reports for use in different cases;

            1. Summary (used by service writer at time of vehicle drop off)
            2. Detailed(used by vehicle owner or technician needing details)
            3. Progress (mobile optimized Summary report)

            Print out Summary report on an 8.5 x 11 color laser printout for the customer to keep. Print a second copy to be attached to the workorder from a B/W printer, if available. POS reports are complete listings of all services that have or have not been performed on a vehicle.

            The Detailed report is most usefull when scanning a vehicle for perviously completed work. This is mostly used for checking why SI thinks a service may or may not be due.

            When on the phone with a customer, send the Progress as an email as it is a snapshot of each service lifespan. Just the fact;, authoritative, relevant and honest truth of what is going on with their vehicle.



            Inside of SI, navigate to the customer you intend to open using the search box in the upper left corner.

            Select the customer, and then the vehicle that you wish to open.

            Right click the vehicle from the search results box.

            Click the respective report that you intend to open.

            Examples of each report are listed below.






            Progress reports were moble phone optemized and thus specifically designed to be emailed to customers so they feature robust web broswer handling. This allows them to look sharp and crisp on almost any email client, even on cellphones or ultra high resolution monitors aswell.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 02:38 AM
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