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            How to Print Reports

            This article explains how to print out any type of report to your customers. These report types are either summary, detail, or progress.


            Left click Vehicles.

            In the search bar at the top left, type in the name of the customer whose car you want to print a report for and press Enter.

            Click the name of the customer you are looking for from the search results. When you click the customer's name you will get the summary page of the first vehicle in their fleet.

            In the upper right corner, there is a printer icon. Click that icon to open a dialogue box.

            In the dialogue box you will see a drop-down menu under Report Type

            Click the downward pointing arrow to open the menu and select which report type you want to print out.

            When you have selected the report type you want, click Print.


            Left click the name of the customer whose report you want to print.

            Right click the vehicle whose report you want to print. This will open a menu. From the menu, choose which report type you want to open by clicking it.

            After you open the report, click the printer icon at the top. This will open a print dialogue box.

            After you set your printing preferences, click Print.

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            Updated: 12 Mar 2019 01:52 AM
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