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            How to Read the POS Detailed Report


            The core strategy in building your business has to be to give the customer a superior service experience at the point of sale. Why? Because this is where we earn loyalty. SI sales automation is based on ultra accurate reporting is for the benefit of the vehicle owner.

            SI POS contributes to the service team too, of-course but that is our primary objective. First, we want to give the customer all the facts from a neutral computer system. The effect of a superior service experience is priceless. This is why the reporting at the front counter will set your shop apart from the crowd. 


            The SI detailed report allow detail analysis of history and is used to validate the accuracy of the key words. Print out POS Detailed report on for the technicians benefit (or use multi-user and let him use the SI App).

            There are five main sections, which are automatically synced to your latest service and repair orders every 30 minutes. 

            1. SEARCH VEHICLE: Enter the first or last name, company or phone number to locate a customer and their vehicles.
            2. OPEN DETAILED REPORT: Click on the Detailed report icon to open a new tab. 
            3. SELECT CUSTOMER/VEHICLE: a) Click on the Customer and SI will display the first vehicle listed for the family. 
              b) If you click on the plus sign next to the customer's name, the list of vehicles owned by the family are displayed. 
              c) Click on any vehicle to refresh view of the detailed report in the view frame on the right. 
              d) Right click on top of the customer name to select multiple vehicle printing capabilites handy for fleets. Use the Email icon to send the detailed report to a customers while on the phone or accross the counter. Alternatively, using a free PDF utility, you can install the PDF writer as a printer option, then attach the pdf files in one email. 

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 02:32 AM
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