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            How to Rebuild/Sync SI with your Shop Management System


            Service Intelligence is missing data from records, is missing customers from the customer list, or is mismatching invoices between customers. 


            A full load forces ServiceIntelligence to get new data from your shop management system by telling SICommunicator to drop the existing database and begin a new scrape from your shop management system. This almost always works as a temporary fix to remove data inconsistencies and reset the SI database to a working state. 


            1. First, find SICommunicator running on your ServiceIntelligence Server in the system tray (the small icons next to the clock on the start bar). It is a small red circle with the white letters "SI"
            2. Right-click the SICommunicator icon to access the context menu.
            3. Select Full Load


            When SI is running a full load the desktop application will be unavailable. The full load will run in the background, in order to check its progress, open SICommunicator.  Full loads are used as a temporary solution to most problems, if you are still having errors or trouble, give us a call.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 03:14 AM
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