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            How to Schedule and Print the Lube Sticker for the Next Appointment

            This article explains how to print out the lube sticker and to schedule an appointment in your management system from Service intelligence.


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            To schedule an appointment or print a lube sticker, fist click the Schedule icon from the ribbon menu at the top.

            This will open a dialogue box entitled Set Appointment & Label Print.  It has three sections:

            At the top is a summary of both the customer's and the customer's vehicle's information.
            Below that is a box called Set Appointment. This box allows you to set an appointment in your management system through Service Intelligence.
            Lastly, there is a box called Label Printing. This box lets you print out a sticker for your customer's vehicle.

            To create a new appointment you must first check the box next to Set Appointment in your Shop Management System's Calendar. Once you do that, you can set the appointment date and time, as well as add a comment to the appointment.

            When you change the date, click the downward pointing arrow to choose a day from the calendar.

            Once you choose the date, choose the time of the appointment. The time can be edited in two ways. First you can press either the up arrow or down arrow to change the time. The second way is to highlight the hours or the minutes (just left click either of them), and then type in the time. To change from AM to PM and vice versa, highlight the letters and press either the A key or P key (corresponding to AM and PM respectively).

            To print a label, first check the box next to Print Label. In the box there are various options you can edit to determine what the label will look like.

            Printer Type lets you choose the kind of printer you are printing the label from.
            Label Size specifies the size of the label
            LOF Type (LOF stands for lube, oil, and filter) lets you determine which service this label is for.
            Select Printer lets you choose which printer to print the label from.
            Projected Appointment Date determines what date is printed on the label.
            Projected Appointment Odometer determines what odometer reading will be on the label.
            Show Odometer in Nearest 100s rounds the odometer to the nearest 100 (in the example below Projected Appointment Odometer would read 124,300 with this box checked)
            Label Lines 1,2,3, and 4 let you format the text on the label, with the image above showing you how it will look.

            When you want to either schedule an appointment or print a label, make sure either Set Appointment in your Shop Management System's Calendar or Print Label is checked and press Process.

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            Updated: 22 Mar 2019 12:26 AM
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