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            How to Specify a Targeted Marketing Campaign's Target Group and Delivery Methods

            This article covers how to edit the campaign's target group and delivery method for Service Intelligence.


            Left click CRM & Marketing in column 1.

            This will open the CRM & Marketing Control Panel. Under the Marketing Campaigns tab, you will see the different campaigns. To edit the one you want to change, click it's pencil icon outlined by the red square.

            When you click the icon, it will open the Edit Campaign tab in the column 2 and the campaign's Preview in the main page. The Edit Campaign tab has a list of Campaign Settings that you can edit. 

            The three settings you can edit are Delivery Options, Daily Alerts Settings, and Graphics Settings.

            Delivery Options has check boxes for email, texting, or postcards, your options for how to send the promotion. In the example below, postcards are not listed as an option because this shop has not subscribed to the postcard package. It's available if you have the postcard subscription. Coverage refers to whether you want the promotions to be sent with either the Email and Postcard option or Email or Postcard option. Email and Postcard will send each customer both an email and a postcard. Email or Postcard will send every customer an email unless they have not given an email address. If there is no email address a postcard will be sent instead. 
            it's recommended to pick Email and Postcard because email is often opted out or lost in commercial mail. 

            The grey, black, red, and blue bubbles provide information regarding the delivery option. They are as follows:

            Daily Alerts Settings refer to when the customer receives notifications for service a certain amount of time before or after when that service is due. In the image below it is showing that the customer will receive a reminder for service ten days before it's due, then three days before, than seven days after it's due, and then thirty days after it's due.

            You can edit the Daily Alerts Settings by clicking the change button.

            This will open a dialogue box called Edit Daily Alerts Settings. (1) Execute Time lets you choose which time to send out the alert. (2) Start Date lets you choose what date you want to start sending out alerts. (3) Ends allows you to pick whether it never ends, ends after a certain number of occurrences, or ends on a certain date. (4) Daily Alerts lets you decide how many days before or after you want to send out an alert to a customer.

            Finally, there's Graphics Settings. These settings allow you to edit the graphics. Main Image let's you change the image, and Text #1 and Text #2 let you choose what words you want written on the image. Expiration in Days determines what the expiration date on the image will be. Offer Conditions will be what the coupon offer will be. Main Branding let's you enable or disable branding, and Main Branding Image let's you choose which branding image you want for this campaign.


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            Updated: 09 May 2019 06:41 AM
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