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            How to Update a Billing Email Address in Cpanel

            This article explains how to update your billing email address so that it receives invoices. If you are receiving invoices and they are not going to the correct email address, this will fix that issue.

            You first need to access the menu ribbon. To do this, left click any of your customers under POS Service Tracking. This will open that customer's summary report for their vehicle, and at the top of the page you will see the menu ribbon.

            Left click the Dashboard button from the menu ribbon. This will open your web browser to the website www.eautoclub.com/admin.php. Alternatively, you can open your web browser and type in the URL directly into the URL address bar and press enter. This will access the same thing.

            Type in your log in information and click Login to access your control panel.

            The control panel will look like this.

            Hover your mouse cursor over Account Settings to access its drop-down menu. From the menu, click Manage Users.

            To create a new user for billing, left click the Add New button.

            In the following fields, fill in Email, User Role, First Name, Last Name, Password, and Password Repeat. You can also fill in Title and Mobile Phone if applicable. In the email field you want to put in the email you want invoices sent to. For the user role select billing.

            Click Submit to create the new user.

            Next, left click Account Settings. This will open Contact Settings.

            From Contact Settings click the drop-down menu to access the user roles. Select Billing from this list.

            Make sure the first three options are checked. This will ensure that invoices will be sent to the email address associated with billing.

            Left click Update to save your changes. Now invoices will be sent to your billing email address.

            Need more help?

            You can always ask an expert at the eAutoclub.com Support Desk, give us a call on out support number (310) 984-3501 xt 4, or suggest a new feature or improvement by emailing us at support@eAutoclub.com.

            Updated: 05 Apr 2019 05:55 AM
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