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            Initial Customization

            To get started with SI the first thing you should do when you finish with the install
            is customize
            the program.

            To begin, open the ServiceIntelligence Application, and navigate to the Edit menu from the topmost bar. From the
            , select Edit Shop Information and fill out the information on the screen. Please note that the formatting of items in their respective box is how SI will display each item.

            Shop Information:

            • General Information
            • Name
            • Address
            • Country
            • Phone

            Other Information:

            • Manager Name
              This field behaves as the
            • Website
            • EmailAddress
            • Company Logo

            ServiceIntelleigence Information

            • Send Copy? (Email
            • Saturday Workday (Limits Scheduler)
            • Mobile Phone Default (For Texting)
            • *Send Shop SMS (Not Needed for Now)

            After filling in the base shop information, the next step is to
            the categories displayed on the SI
            . In the upper left corner of the open window there is a tab for Services, to continue, click this tab and follow these steps:

            1. Remove categories you
              need to worry about
            2. Add categories that you would like to track (Requires SI PRO version, contact support if you are unable to add categories)
            3. Edit each Category to your requirements:
              • Service Display Text
                The category's outward appearance
              • Service Description
                An unused internal field
              • Service Distance Interval
                In miles/kilometers as determined during the install
              • Service Time Interval
                In months
              • Minimum Quantity
                Is a quantity required for parts line items to be tracked?
                • Minimum Quantity Threshold
                  If true, what is the

              • Minimum Charge
                Is a dollar amount required for labor or parts items to be tracked?
                • Minimum Charge Threshold
                  If true, what is the
                  dollar amount required?
              • Minumum Labor Hours
                Is a time amount required for labor items to be tracked?
                • Minimum Labor Hours Threshold
                  If true, what is

                  hours required? (Can be a decimal)
              • Include Part Descriptions
                Should SI use parts to check if this category has been performed?
              • Include Labor Descriptions
                Should SI use labor to check if this category has been performed?
              • Show on CRM Postcards
                Since postcards have a limited display space, the first 8 categories (in descending order) with a true value will be displayed.
              • Display Service Always
                Should this
                have display priority over other categories if there is limited (such as on the CRM email) space?
              • Display Service
                Should this category be visible on the Summary & Progress reports?
              • Project Due Now/Due Next
                Does this category apply to all vehicles? Or is the
                item in question recommended for only certain vehicles (such as a timing belt)?
              • Symbol Image
                For the progress report, we recommend leaving this as default unless its blank.
              • Service Display Group
                Should this category be grouped with other categories on the list? (Such as multiple oil changes?)

            As a final step, keep an eye out for any tracking inaccuracies, issues on reports can be resolved, just contact support to take care of the issue.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 02:21 AM
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