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            Recommended-Declined Work - Start Automation


            Contact automation includes Declined Work emails. This article explains how to customize and start automated daily sending of Declined Work pending email notification.



            Steps 1 & 2: Start ServiceIntelligence by clicking on the SI icon, also found under All Programs/eAutoClub/ServiceIntelligence.exe.  Inside of SI, click Today's Customer Contacts bar at the bottom left of the ServiceIntelligence desktop application and select "Declined Work".



            Steps 3: Click on the Target tab if you are not there already. Not that SI allows two types of recommendations;

            1) Work needed in the future - Recommended. 
            2) Past due work that was declined -  Declined Work.

            The process is automatic. If we find a recommendation with a future date, the vehicle owner will get three reminders - 30, 7 and one day before due date.  If the customer does not respond and the recommended work becomes past due, the message automatically changes to a past due work reminder. Past due reminders are sent out 30, 60 & 90 days after the recommended date.


            Step 4: To customize your offer, click ont he "Offer" tab. Click in the Line 1 & 2 Text Box to customize. Include an expiry date if needed. Note that the font size is not adjustable on purpose. We are maintaining the font size for impact. 





            Step 5: Start Automation by clicking on the Delivery Tab "Start Auto" or by clicking on the Automation Icon.

            Step 6 & 7: Confirm you are ready to start the automation by clicking YES. Si allows you to start the automation as of tomorrow or optionally, you can select any date in the pastto start the automation as of a day in the past. This is a feature that allows SI to catch-up sending Declined Work reminders in cases where the system was off and a catch-up email blast is desired.


            Samples:  Recommendations/Declined Work as viewed within MSOutlook email client and mobile optimized versions.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 03:02 AM
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