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            Thank You & Review Request - Start Automation


            Contact automation includes Thank You emails with an optional Review Request. This article explains how to customize and start automated daily sending of Thank You email to all customers serviced.


            Start ServiceIntelligence by clicking on the SI icon, also found under All Programs/eAutoClub/ServiceIntelligence.exe.Inside of SI, click Today's Customer Contacts bar at the bottom left of the ServiceIntelligence desktop application.

            Step 2: Click on "Select Contact Type", then choose the "Thank You" contact type from the list of Today's Customer Contacts. Note that other contact types are accessible here also. 


            Step 4: Click on "Offer" tab.

            Step 5:  Line 1 and 2 Text is editable. Customize your message like "How did we do?" (note that the font size is fixed on purpose for impact.) Optionally, you can remove the expiry date if not needed.

            Step 6 & 7:  The list of customers on the left are the candidates that need a Thank You sent to them. Click any name to refresh the viewing screen on the right so that your customized text is updated.


            Step 8, 9 & 10: Click on "Automation" icon, to start sending Thank You, then confirm that you want to Start the Service, and optionally, you can select a starting point. This is usually left as tomorrows date if you want to strat the email into the future. Optionally, you may re-start a service in Catch-Up Mode. This allows you to go back a month or two to send thank you notes to the last two months of customers.



            Sample: What you see in SI is what your customer sees. Here is an email as seen in MS Outlook desktop application.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 03:00 AM
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