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            Using SI - Get Informed Using Vehicle Vitals

            The Summary Report has crucial information for our customer to make an informed purchasing decision at the point of sale. The Service Writer can assist the customer when reading the vehicle profile Summary report. Here we will discuss how to use the Vehicle Vitals box (in the upper right of the summary report) to gain important insight into our customer's maintenance habits.

            The Vehicle Vitals box shows important information that does not require any interpretation, yet, it will assist us with the point of sale encounter. For example; The most important number in this box is the Average Number of daily miles. This number is adjusted using the odometer reading that we record in our management system each time that a customer visits our shop.

             Since the Average number of miles per day in the US is approximately 32 Miles per day, we can explain how to adjust recommendations based on the owner's vehicle's specific usage. All O.E.M. recommendations assume that all of our customers drive the same amount per day, but SI is smarter than that. If our customer drives 60 miles a day we can justify selling them twice the amount of service because they drive the vehicle twice as much.

            When used in conjunction with the No-History category at the bottom of the Summary Report, we can see specific services that have elapsed their healthy life and have never been maintained on this vehicle.

            For example, a customer has been loyal for 60,000 miles of the vehicle's 140,000 total miles. Since this customer has been to our shop 23 times since 2007, we know exactly just how loyal this customer is. Yet at the same time, we can clearly see what services we have never performed;

            These vehicle services have outlived their useful life potential during the period your customer has been loyal to you! Knowing this, we can ask our customer the question, "Did you take care of it elsewhere?" If they say yes, ask them to bring us the work so that we can track it on their behalf. If they say no, they need the service! Go inspect it!

            This also applies to the "Months as customer" information.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 02:45 AM
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