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            Using SI - Increase Car Count by Setting the Next Appointment

            Set the next appointment for your customer with ServiceIntelligence. SI automatically calculates the next oil change date based on the actual vehicle usage for each individual customer.

            Set the appointment when the vehicle is being dropped off or when the vehicle is being picked up. We find that it is more consistent to set the appointment for the next oil change when the vehicle is dropped off, after explaining to your customer your the benefits of Managed Auto Care.  As with all SI features, no data entry is required in SI. Set the appointment date in your shop management system and SI appointment schedule will be updated and email notifications will be delivered to your customer automatically.

            By explaining that the vehicles of today are much better engineered and manufactured and can reach a quarter of a million miles without much trouble if properly maintained, we address an important concern for our customers on how to stretch their hard-earned dollars. Preventive maintenance makes a lot of sense to our customers so suggesting the next appointment date at the time of vehicle drop-off, after explaining the SI managed auto care report and the value of preventive maintenance, allows a smooth transition into setting the next appointment.

            Since the next appointment dates are projected based on the oil change interval, the Appointment date for the higher mileage vehicles is later (the LOF will become due sooner) as compared with the appointment date for vehicles with lower milages which are projected to be due later.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 02:46 AM
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