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            What to do about Demo Mode or "Get Registered" messages

            One of the common reasons this error happens is because the email address in Service Intelligence or in the cPanel dashboard has been changed in one of the locations and not the other. In order for Service Intelligence to work it uses that email field to ensure you are a registered user. If you change the email in one location, make sure you change it in the other.


            ServiceIntelligence generates a "Get Registered" popup that prevents users from being able to access certain parts of the SI program. 


            The main reason SI generates the error popup is a failure to authenticate the products available to your account. This is caused by several reasons including; a lack of internet connection, a mismatch of login information saved inside of SI or that SI communicator is simply not running. The steps below should assist in most cases but if it does not, call up support or submit a ticket for a fast resolution.


            1. Check and verify that you have an active internet connection. If you are reading this article from the SI server machine, then its safe to say you have an active connection.
            2. Check to make sure SI Communicator is running. You can verify this by looking at the system tray (the small icons next to the clock on the start bar) for a small red circle with the white letters "SI"
              • If SI Communicator is not running, start it. (navigate to the C:\Program Files\eAutoclub\ServiceIntelligence folder and look for SICommunicator.exe)
              • If SI is already running, close it and restart it.  
            3. Check to make sure your login information inside of SI matches your login information for the eAutoclub.com dashboard.
            4. Check to make sure you are paying for the product you are attempting to access (this can be done through the dashboard).
            5. If all four of these have been checked and verified, closing and opening ServiceIntelligence should remove the get registered error.


            Postcards are sold seperately and will generate a get restered popup if you do not have the required addon when attempting to send out an email campaign that includes postcards.

            Updated: 19 Jul 2018 02:42 AM
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